KICK is a consulting and training company, specialized on Project Management, Change Management and Performance Improvement. We support projects and perform workshops and trainings for our clients inside and outside Germany.

KICK is in the position to provide a wide range and a high frequency of advanced education, trainings and workshops for multi-corporate enterprises and large institutions, and our experience enables us to find the determining factors to initiate and embed necessary changes within mid-sized enterprises.

Our activities are focused on concept and performance of seminars, workshops and development programs, as well as accompanying change processes. We feel confident that we offer professional competence in these areas; our assumptions are acknowledged by the positive feedback of our customers.

Our interdisciplinary team comprises social scientists, engineers and business economist. We appreciate that all “Kickers” are able to familiarize themselves with various roles and accordingly broaden their perspective. Most of our experts are experienced in training as well as in moderation and consulting.

We perform with energy, humor and pleasure.
The name »KICK« is our program –
We want to initiate, release energy and encourage.

The Company was established in 1999 by Uta Sudermann, Jan Mees und Wolfgang Schoppenhorst. A long-standing proven network of freelancers was transformed into a Limited Liability Company (LLC/GmbH). The three founding members were first joined by Andreas Engelsberger and Dr. Hein-Peter Landvogt as new associates, and later followed Markus Stöhr und Corinna Claussen.

Both. This is our greatest asset. It is the interaction between consulting and training that increases business success. The intersection is exemplified by the TRAINSHOP model – a mixture of TRAINing and workSHOP; instantly combining knowledge transfer and specific solutions for every-day-problems.

We think project- and implementation oriented. We have a good intuition for development and change processes. We make realistic estimation of all resources and periods necessary to reach the target. Resistance and conflicts are familiar items; with our customers we walk through thick and thin.

On a long-term basis, we are heading to be an “internal External”, that means: we identify ourselves with the customer companies, while still having the necessary independent view from outside.

For our international clients we perform in different languages: English, French and Chinese.

Did you know?

By the way: the naming derives from “kick-off”. We want to initiate things, bring people into motion – and therefore, offer the necessary “KICK”.

Wolfgang Schoppenhorst