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Facts and reasonable results are the things that really matter. In our references you’ll find a selection of projects that we have implemented successfully.

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Electrical industry

For a newly set up KVP system employees were trained to be group facilitators. We ensured a stronger management support of the new system in production as well as in the indirect divisions.

This was our approach:

In workshops the future group facilitators were extensively informed about the new KVP system and their central role in it. In the course of these workshops they intensively dealt with the role requirements. Among the central topics were: information of the employees about the new system, group facilitation and dealing with possibly occurring resistance. In departmental workshops mutual expectations of group facilitators and managers were discussed in order to co-ordinate responsibilities and mutual support in the context of the KVP system.

The group facilitators gained clarity about their role and were able to test practical group facilitation techniques. Within the different departments clear arrangements ensure clear responsibilities and mutual support in the collection and monitoring of improvement suggestions.



Electrical industry

The goal was to gain consistency in understanding and using the performance assessment system, which had been introduced at the site. All users should be trained in handling the system and in conversation techniques for the appraisal interview. We supervised the first management level of the manufacturing division. 

This was our approach:  

Implementation of 1,5 day trainings containing:

  • basic methodical and psychological aspects of appraisal
  • insights were transferred to the procedure, which is used in the company
  • appraisal of an example-employee to gain criteria-confidence and adjustment of the assessment benchmark
  • Training of appraisal interviews in role plays
  • Transfer to the individual assessment group  

Regular trainings, which convey confidence to all new evaluators in practicing the process and conducting appraisal interviews; the training courses are also used as an exchange of experiences between participants. In the end of the course there is always the possibility to discuss questions with HR and the work council.