Talk is cheap

Facts and reasonable results are the things that really matter. In our references you’ll find a selection of projects that we have implemented successfully.

Even if your sector should not be listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any questions concerning the development of your company or institution, it is always worth it to seek talks with KICK. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Communal companies / supply and waste disposal

Support in organizational development in a huge operational business unit.

This was our approach:

In the first phase a future vision was created in collaboration with the management team, which was then agreed on with each responsible board member. For the implementation it was necessary to adjust the organizational structure and to back up the lower management. Special attention was turned to developing the lower management, for which we created a special qualification and coaching offer. The division of tasks between the different management levels was newly defined.

Contact to commercial employees was notably intensified and leadership is lived more clearly. At the same time the upper management level was released of operational leading tasks and gained more space for strategic and conceptual tasks. The public image of the business unit was improved.

Energy suppliers

Implementation of project management at an energy supplier.

This was our approach:

  • Trainshops as a “foundation stone”. Based on this: Development of a PM handbook.
  • Project reviews on the basis of a specific maturity model
  • PM consulting in selected projects
  • Introduction of a project admission procedure
  • Concept for resource management
  • Coaching within the framework of the program initiation and planning
  • Handover to the PM Office management

The company has a working project management system available, which is lived and independently developed by the organization. Specific results include: PM handbook, established project admission procedure as well as a well-practiced project planning process; project managers, team members and executives are qualified to use the PM-system. Aspect of change: During implementation the company grew considerably and experienced a high dynamic due to statutory provisions.