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Facts and reasonable results are the things that really matter. In our references you’ll find a selection of projects that we have implemented successfully.

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Automobile industry

Conception, rollout and implementation of an international and companywide project management qualification with 3 integrated levels.

This was our approach:

  • Generating the framework as well as the detailed concepts
  • Piloting the programs in Europe, Asia-Pacific and America 
  • International training and development of coaches
  • Integration of a project manager career in parallel to a leadership career
  • Implementation of the internal  examination of the company
    Level 1: Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) – German/English
    Level 2: Certified Project Manager (PMQ-CPjM) – English
    Level 3: Certified Program Manager (PMQ-CPgM) – English

Based on internationally defined competency profiles there is now a career for employees and managers in projects that is systematically linked to the HR processes "recruiting" and "Personal Development". All programs are based on PM® standard and call on Level 2 & 3 in addition to the internal exam, external certification. (PMI® , PMP® or PMgP®)

Energy suppliers

Implementation of project management at an energy supplier.

This was our approach:

  • Trainshops as a “foundation stone”. Based on this: Development of a PM handbook.
  • Project reviews on the basis of a specific maturity model
  • PM consulting in selected projects
  • Introduction of a project admission procedure
  • Concept for resource management
  • Coaching within the framework of the program initiation and planning
  • Handover to the PM Office management

The company has a working project management system available, which is lived and independently developed by the organization. Specific results include: PM handbook, established project admission procedure as well as a well-practiced project planning process; project managers, team members and executives are qualified to use the PM-system. Aspect of change: During implementation the company grew considerably and experienced a high dynamic due to statutory provisions.

Special engineering

Interim management at a special engineering company.

This was our approach:

  • Project management of the whole project in cooperation with a internal project manager
  • Order clarification
  • Organization and planning, integration of a separate project
  • Project implementation
  • Project closure

The migration from CATIA V4 to CATIA V5 was fully implemented with the following elements:

  • Development of a distinctive methodology which was fully depicted in the intranet
  • Implementation of a CDI-interface to SAP-PLM, which was notably expanded compared to the standard
  • Transfer of 2D drawings into 3D models
  • Qualification of 180 constructors in a 6 week training cycle plus intense on-the-job aftercare
  • Development of practical solutions for specific problems in the form of quality circles
  • Depiction of machines with many thousand parts in a model



Automobile industry

Development as well as a (permanent) world-wide implementation of a career development center for project managers.

This was our approach:

  • Development and coordination of a concept for worldwide implementation
  • Organization of events
  • Creation and shipping of the documents for implementation
  • Implementation of the assessment: self-assessment / external assessment, assessment, appraisal sessions (per group)
  • Compilation of a report or survey containing development measures
  • Discussion of results with the participant (one-on-one conversation) 

On the basis of quantitative human resource planning and individual feedback the participants are supported in their personal development and in fulfilling a function / role with customized measures. On the basis of anonymous quantitative and qualitative evaluation purposeful measures for organizational development in project management can be implemented more successfully.



Plant manufacturing

Conception and implementation of a qualification program, which aimed at qualifying and certifying project managers for their tasks in the company. The program is run for the different project types respectively (development, customer and internal projects.

This was our approach:

  • Consulting and partial implementation in the concept phase  
  • Integration of the program into the running business processes  
  • Compilation of training documents (i.e. trainer guidelines, documents for participants)  
  • Implementation of the training courses
  • Evaluation of the training and optimization loop


  • The scope of the program is international: Concept, trainer, locations.
  • The PM knowledge domains are covered by the international ANSI standard of the Project Management Institute (PMI)®: “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”(PMBOK® Guide).
  • The different standard project categories and project types in the company are being addressed with different qualification programs.
  • Company specific knowledge (process instructions, regulations) is covered.
  • Certification is scheduled:Project Management Professional (PMP)®.
  • Integration into human resource instruments is possible.