Our ways of working

Choosing the appropriate one from many tools

We are using a variety of methods and procedures in order to shape highly motivating and efficient projects, training courses, workshops and coachings.


Good preconditions for consequent actions

As a first step we are taking stock with you. Where are you standing? What are the crucial points? Together with you we will draw up a concept and determine how to eliminate the identified obstacles. Together we will plan your journey: Which steps are necessary and who needs to be taken on board? Where shall your journey lead?

  • We will support every one of your implementation steps until you achieve your goal and successes become tangible. 


No one is born a master

In our view training courses are one element of development and change processes at a higher level. The contents depend on your business needs and the consequent requirements.

Our knowledge transfer is vivid, activating, customized and compatible with your established culture. Theory is deepened in exercises and case studies. With the help of role plays and exercises acquired solutions get tested. Whenever possible we work without slides and use interactive facilitation methods and visualizations instead.

Action and transfer orientation is of special value to us: the transferred knowledge should not be an end in itself but a useful tool to manage relevant situations in everyday life. It is especially relevant for success to also involve managers and executives as “transfer supporters”.

As coaches and trainers we are curious about people and their views. We take our delegates seriously and treat them respectfully. Part of this is to listen carefully and formulate and clarify wishes and concerns.

  • Visualization and interactive facilitation methods are as crucial to us as ensuring the transfer of our trainings with phone surveys and refresher workshops. 


Derived from Latin “moderare”: to abate, navigate, direct

With our moderations and facilitations we want to ensure a fair and open atmosphere and support the communication of the participants among each other. We help to organize contributions and depict important content and information in a transparent and comprehensible way. We offer facilitation for small groups of five, as well as big groups consisting of more than 100 participants.

  • Vision and strategy workshops
  • Future conferences
  • Target agreement workshops
  • Integration workshops 
  • Transition Workshops
  • Team Workshops
  • Employee forums


Discovering potentials and resources

We support executives and employees in mastering turbulent change situations through individual coaching and group settings. Changes are often profound. Old ways of behavior, attitudes and roles, which are no longer expedient have to be left behind or extended with new additions. This often challenges values and causes irritation.

  • Phoenix has to grow out of the ashes first. We are on hand with help and advice for you. 

Interim management

Temporary Kick support

In the case of staff shortages, or if you lack competent employees our KICK project management specialists will be ready to support you.


Data and statistics

We keep working with digital tools in order to better assess situations on the basis of facts.

Lime survey is an open source software for implementing online surveys. We use it for leadership feedbacks. Lime survey fulfills all standards, which clients like for instance government departments, have with regard to data safety.

Test your knowledge online and gain confidence for your qualification, for example for the PMP® exam.

As a participant of our seminars you have the possibility to practice on the basis of test questions when and wherever you like. In this way you can test your knowledge and fill in any gaps, so that nothing will stand in the way of your successful exam.


Is there an organizational change process lying ahead of you? Do you want to get to know essential success factors of change projects? Do you want to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie? And what is change management, actually?

Take 10 minutes and answer our KICK Change Analyzer questions. Through dealing with these questions you will be able to evaluate how well you are prepared for your upcoming change project. At the end the completed questionnaire as well as a graphic analysis can be printed.

Kick: Change Analyzer (only in german)


 We offer the appropriate strategy for any simulative game situation.