Shaping transitions – with the Kick CM process model

Companies need change management

We’re all creatures of habit. Thus, many organizations like to act conservatively. But especially in the business world stagnation always means regression. In order for necessary changes to be implemented their benefit needs to be explained and understood. Using our Kick CM process model change management becomes convenient and comprehensible. It depicts all processes which emerge in various degrees during changes. The process model also serves as a basis for our versatile services. Feel free to contact us directly. We are happy to answer your questions.

All in one – Consulting

A holistic acceleration of change processes

Methods and processes can be implemented “from external”; whereas changes in behavior and attitude are “non-prescriptable”. In fact, changes on these levels require preceding profound and individualized processes in reflection and insight. Coaching is one approach to support the individually confrontation with new requirements. All KICK coaches possess a founded education in coaching and draw on a reservoir of first-hand knowledge and consulting experience within organizations.




The order of things – System setup

A well structured transformation

We help your company to systematically improve change management for the whole organization. Based on your requirements we develop consistent standards and procedures, for example roles, responsibilities, processes and models. We are on hand with help and advice for the introduction, pilot projects and trainings, as well as for all supporting communication measures.




Knowledge for everyone – Qualification

TrainShops are the means of choice

Our qualifications are designed following your company specific standards and procedures and conceptualized according to different specific roles. In most cases we run so-called TrainShops. This format uses both training and workshop elements, which enables you and your managers to work on your change management projects in the best possible way.




tagende Trainshops

  • Executives
  • Project management
  • Change Agents
  • HR Business Partners

Let someone else do it – Interim management

Why you can sit back and relax once in a while

Design Thinking

Bringing something new into the world faster

Current mega trends, disruptive innovations and agile structures change our working environment. But how do companies get new perspectives on important subjects? How do they put target groups at the centre of solutions? The KICK Design Thinking method set supports teams in change processes and creates the general set-up necessary for innovations. Existing patterns are challenged and tasks are looked at empathetically from the customer’s viewpoint. As a structured method for complex innovation and development processes Design Thinking is suited for both clear problems as well as complex and vague tasks. An agile approach enables innovative solutions, in everyday project work as well as part of an encompassing transformation of corporate culture. Ask us about details and possible applications, ranging from introduction workshops to multi-year transformation programs.








  • Video Tutorials
  • Quick Check
  • Online survey
  • analytical instruments 

ways and means - Tool development

All depends on good tools




Fast - Experimental Learning for more team skills

Empower employees – take the pressure off managers

At Kick good ideas are also borrowed from other living and learning worlds. Our model in this case is Toyota’s method for optimizing production plants. We have extended and refined this method so that it now can be used to improve business processes, and teams permanently benefit from it already after a short period of time. On the analogy of the sprints in agile project management we have named our new method FAST. What is it about precisely? We help your team members through experimental learning to take over more initiative and responsibility. Your employees track down obstacles in their working processes in cross-departmental teams. Obstacles could be i.e. too expensive ordering processes, friction losses in logistics, or yet unresolved problems in sales. Afterwards, the team conducts self-designed experiments in short learning cycles in order to eradicate the found obstacles in the process. Unsuccessful experiments increase the understanding for the process flow and strengthen the team spirit. At the same time, FAST is accommodating the wish of many well-qualified employees to autonomously take over more responsibility.

Our trainers support the teams in their „FAST-work“ and not only encourage the individual learning experience but also the team buidling process. We are happy to talk to you about possible fields of application in your company.





For the Start - the change analyzer

Identify individual requirements





 We offer the appropriate strategy for any simulative game situation.