Purposeful interplay

Performance improvement in our view

The interplay between organization, processes and the involved employees does not always run smoothly. With an integrative view on leadership, cooperation and processes we are convinced that better results are possible. Well-designed work processes and leadership as well as supporting a constructive collaboration of employees and departments can significantly improve the company’s performance. KICK supports industrial, commercial and service organizations in focusing all their strengths on their goals.

Leadership development

Leadership ensures that every employee is doing a good job

The development of leadership personalities is one of the core tasks of KICK Consulting. Employees in a managing role are required to do many things but not every qualification or presentation skill runs in the blood. Today managing roles hardly go without lifelong development. Showing a transparent leadership style and time management as well as the ability to clarify roles in conflicts will increase the acceptance of employees. This is the basis of distinct leadership qualities and team working skills.

  • The focus on specific implementation is a self-evident part of our training and coaching concepts.

Here's to good collaboration

Asking about goals

What do you want essentially? Executives, who reach the defined goals together with their team. Employees, who think for themselves and who are doing their job in a committed way while cooperating with all people involved. Collaboration does not always run smoothly. We support you in improving the cooperation within and across teams and departments, and we help you to manage conflicts and identify “performance traps”. Furthermore, KICK always uses an integrative view on collaboration and strives to connect individual learning with change processes of groups and teams.





Designing processes

Fit processes

Fit processes are more flexible, quicker to adapt, and lead to an improved collaboration within and between divisions. Through a better process performance output is increased. This takes employees, who have a common understanding of processes and process management methods, and who know how they can actively design and improve them. This is not that easy when ever more complex products obstruct productivity, when storage costs are too high, or when outsourcing is contemplated over and over again. With profound expert knowledge KICK supports you in optimizing your logistics and production processes.

Performance improvement measures

Further education of executives

Our set of qualification courses for executives teach important skills for leading teams. The content of the courses is adapted for individual business needs, issues and questions.

    The qualification of your executives and employees is an important competitive success factor. For an optimum performance employees need knowledge and skills of different areas. With individual trainings we increase the leadership and social skills of your team.

    The goal of our development centers is to give motivating impulses and recommendations for upcoming career development steps. The procedures are customized and have been implemented nationally as well as internationally.

    Offers for improving collaboration

    With an integrative view on collaboration, leadership and processes we combine individual learning processes with change processes of groups and teams in order to achieve the defined goals together.

      Measures for process optimization

      Making processes more productive means making sure that they efficiently and permanently deliver the right results. We analyze and improve processes within the single functions, at the interfaces and transitions but also bearing in mind the whole process and supply chain.


         We offer the appropriate strategy for any simulative game situation.