We will whip your Project Management into shape.

KICK Consulting has established an excellent reputation as a system consultancy in project management (PM). Our PM approach is based on international accepted standards and guarantees our clients to obtain a sustainable PM system at the end of our consulting activities. For us, every consulting project is unique:

  • Together with our clients we develop the most
    appropriate strategy and compile methods and 
    techniques according to your needs.
  • We are flexible and chose exactly the expert 
    that meets your requirements.
  • For complex tasks we blend an interdisciplinary
    KICK team, tailored for your needs.


A quick solution is required? Although your organization has a working project management system, things do not run smoothly in some areas? There is a twist in a specific project, or an entire division needs selective assistance?

Perhaps your organization still lacks the necessary routine in project management, or project teams require an initial helping hand?

Our experienced and high qualified project management consultants support your team with quick qualifications, accompany specific projects advising, or complement your project management with proven tools and methodologies; from templates to fitted software solutions.


  • With the emergency aid by KICK you will accomplish your target.
    According to necessity, a decision for one solution is required that eliminates difficulties quickly and effectively.



We advise on optimizing single processes, and provide assistance for programs and projects.  We deliver solution concepts for process improvement and PM tools, and offer moderation and operative management services.

  • Target group: Program- or Project Managers
  • Benefit and performance: the scope of coaching includes personalized subjects and the enhancement of the coachee’s leadership competence in general.  That ensures, that the project responsible gain operative support in leading projects and specific activity recommendations.
  • Target group: Customer of programs or projects, program- or project managers
  • Benefit and performance: Advice for the preparation of workshops regarding programs and projects: participants, objectives & agenda, schedule, premises and moderation technique get coordinated and settled. Experienced moderators guarantee a target oriented cooperation and the accomplishment of the goals required.


  • Target group: Executive management, project customer
  • Benefit and performance: Our team of experienced project managers is at your disposal for short-term bridging of bottlenecks, in order to successfully achieve the project objectives. The scope of our assistance varies flexibly from assuming single work packages, up to project-office management or external project management.
  • Target group: Program- or project managers
  • Benefit and performance: Checklists, templates and helpful tools are customized to meet your requirements. That includes order clarification and stakeholder analysis, statements, minutes as well as documents for requirement-, quality- and risk management.
  • Target group: Executives with project tasks, project personnel
  • Benefit and performance: The skill check allows project personnel and line executives, who are involved with projects, to assess themselves and identify qualification requirements. You gain an instrument that defines your own individual strengths and weaknesses in project management, and is beneficial for your HR development, seminar planning and -steering.
  • Target group: Program- / Project Managers and their team members
  • Benefit and performance: Program- or project managers identify deficiencies in project management, either of their own or of their team. TrainShops / Impulse qualifications aim at specific issues which should be instantly applied to a projects’ context.


In case you wish to fundamentally optimize a project management system or launch one in your organization, extensive need for action is required, since the entire organization or at least larger units are effected.

The task is to create a totally new basis for project work, which initiates long-term changes within the overall system. Such an initial situation requires complex solutions. We offer you the all-round carefree package of our service-portfolio, including the appropriate qualification- and consulting services.




Our consulting comprises an analysis of your requirements, the design of project management modules, up to the implementation.  We provide precise indication for your project management status, suggestions for the implementation procedure as well as our consulting services for performance execution.

  • Target group: Executive director & Top Managers, Project Management Office Executives, Project Management Process Owners
  • Objectives: Project management will be implemented as standard in your organization. Four configuration levels can be chosen: from PM for single projects up to the complete  integration into the organization.
  • Target group: Executive director & Top Managers, Project Management Office Executives, Project Management Process Owners
  • Objectives: Designing the PMO profile. We accompany determining your personnel- and budget requirements as well as the entire implementation of a PMO, and supply interims managers for the PMO development, if required.
  • Target group: Project Management Office Executives, Project Management Process Owners, Project- or program customers, Program- or Project Managers
  • Objectives: We systematically check single projects, programs or the entire project management of your organization. We reveal strengths, weaknesses, and offer specific recommendations for action.


We complement your internal qualification program with seminar modules of project management, supplying seminar programs with detailed descriptions of each seminar module, seminar documents and instruments for self-evaluation. The seminars are conducted in German, English, French, Spanish, or Chinese. The offer is complemented with training material for self-study and additional e-tools.
All seminar programs can be embedded into a career model for project personnel, with the option of internal or external certifications.

  • Target group: Program Managers, Senior Project Managers
  • Objectives: Sequenced modules are passed in a defined order for a set group of participants (class). The modules focus on increasing project management skills, and preparing for an internal and/or external certification. Hard and soft factors of project management are equally considered.
  • Target group: Program Managers, Senior-Project Managers, Project Managers
  • Objectives: Participants are intensively trained in modules, based on selected issues. Those include: Multi Project Management, Risk Management, Leading in Projects, Crisis Management in Projects.
  • Target group: Project Managers of small and mid-sized projects and prospective Project Managers
  • Objectives: Sequenced modules are passed in a defined order, focused on developing basic skills for project managers. Hard and soft factors of project management are equally considered.
  • Target group: Project Managers of small projects, Project Team Members
  • Objectives: The seminar (2-3 days) is tailored to the project process in the organization, based on an appropriate sample project. The participants learn playfully the essential roles, processes and methods of project management on a basic level.
  • Target group: Participants from presence trainings
  • Objectives: Theoretical aspects of project management are taught by computerized interactions. Participants are confronted with problems (i.a.), which they have to solve with in lessons by exercises.

International standards are of great importance to us!

We align our performance according to the internationally recognized standards of Project Management and are therefore Registered Education Provider at the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Assessing the PM maturity level of your organization, KICK orientates itself towards the established CMM/CMMI Standard (Capability Maturity Model Integration®).



 We offer the appropriate strategy for any simulative game situation.