Reshaping Organizations

Services for the digital transition

The digital transformation is a historical turning point for entrepreneurial thinking. The market becomes increasingly dynamic and there are more and more disruptive developments. Completely new skills and abilities are in demand. Therefore KICK has developed a new service format. As part of our new Services Reshaping Organizations we regularly offer you new products for the new thinking and acting in the digital age. We are intensively dealing with procedures and structures in organizations and developing suitabe offers for you concerning agile processes, digital cultures and contemporary forms of organization. Find out more below. We are happy to present our new services to you in person, feel free to contact us.

Fast - Experimental Learning for more team skills

Empower employees – take the pressure off managers

At Kick good ideas are also borrowed from other living and learning worlds. Our model in this case is Toyota’s method for optimizing production plants. We have extended and refined this method so that it now can be used to improve business processes, and teams permanently benefit from it already after a short period of time. On the analogy of the sprints in agile project management we have named our new method FAST. What is it about precisely? We help your team members through experimental learning to take over more initiative and responsibility. Your employees track down obstacles in their working processes in cross-departmental teams. Obstacles could be i.e. too expensive ordering processes, friction losses in logistics, or yet unresolved problems in sales. Afterwards, the team conducts self-designed experiments in short learning cycles in order to eradicate the found obstacles in the process. Unsuccessful experiments increase the understanding for the process flow and strengthen the team spirit. At the same time, FAST is accommodating the wish of many well-qualified employees to autonomously take over more responsibility.

Our trainers support the teams in their „FAST-work“ and not only encourage the individual learning experience but also the team buidling process. We are happy to talk to you about possible fields of application in your company.





Design Thinking

Bringing something new into the world faster

Current mega trends, disruptive innovations and agile structures change our working environment. But how do companies get new perspectives on important subjects? How do they put target groups at the centre of solutions? The KICK Design Thinking method set supports teams in change processes and creates the general set-up necessary for innovations. Existing patterns are challenged and tasks are looked at empathetically from the customer’s viewpoint. As a structured method for complex innovation and development processes Design Thinking is suited for both clear problems as well as complex and vague tasks. An agile approach enables innovative solutions, in everyday project work as well as part of an encompassing transformation of corporate culture. Ask us about details and possible applications, ranging from introduction workshops to multi-year transformation programs.







Hybrid project management and organizational development

The best of two worlds

There is not only black or white, analogue or digital. This is true in particular for all project managers, who want to deal flexibly with increasingly complex tasks. Therefore KICK has defined a hybrid approach, which combines classic and agile project management methods. Alongside project and product managers, also executives and project management office-managers, scrum masters, product owners (scrum) and agile coaches have the opportunity to define this hybrid compatibly with their business processes. Depending on individual prior knowledge of classic or agile project management we initially convey the basics. Moreover, we compare and contrast the strengths of the different approaches together and in doing so focus on requirements management, planning, and monitoring and controlling. Furthermore, the effects on leading the team are examined. Finally, we support you with our know how of organizational development to define hybrid approaches for your project organisation. In the form of workshops – in our space in Berlin-Schöneberg, or optionally in your location – we intensively and in small groups attend to important questions for your organization.





Agile project management with Scrum and Kanban

More flexibility in the organizational routine

In rugby scrum is the standard situation to re-start the game after minor irregularities or a touch. Transferred to the project management of organizations scrum could possibly be the crucial move for more agility – to see valuable results early and in short cycles. Scrum is far away from the inertia of classic management approaches. Instead it accepts that some developments are just not predictable. KICK will familiarize you as executives and project managers with this agile form of project management. After dealing with basic agile principles you will get to know the tasks of the different scrum roles. These include the scrum team, the scrum master and the product owner, who is responsible for the product and the project and who is also in touch with the customer. In addition, you will learn everything about agile meeting formats, such as daily scrum, sprint planning, sprint review and retrospectives. Exercises will help you to put things into practice and we will also support you with the introduction of agile approaches into your project organisation. Moreover, we will use an important method of production process management by using the Kanban approach. Previous knowledge of classic project management is not required. Best arrange an appointment with us directly, if we caught your interest.





Digital Culture Journey

Get ready for the future with KICK

Big Data and transformation are more than just buzzwords. Many established companies, especially medium-sized businesses start to ask important questions about their future: Do not we need an encompassing change as well? Are we at all prepared for new strategies and ready to break with traditions? – If you want to setup your own digital culture but do not know yet exactly how, we have got an inspiring kick off for you: KICK takes you on a „Digital Culture Journey“. On these tours we show you exemplary ways how digital culture and agile processes can be usefully merged by visiting young businesses in Berlin. With this individual service you get the possibility to gain input and discuss with founders. Find a common understanding of digital organizational development and launch your own digital approach. We will take care of all booking and coordination tasks, and we will support and facilitate - in short: we will cover your back on your journey to your own digital roadmap.






 We offer the appropriate strategy for any simulative game situation.